Following Up with B2B Prospects

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When you have a new connection (someone accepting your invitation to join your network), it is a good idea to follow-up.

By follow up I mean contacting your new connection ASAP.

This is your chance to build rapport with your new connection by thanking them for connecting and to tell them what you do (how you can help them).

In general, people prefer to do business with someone they know, someone they trust, so building rapport with your prospects is a very important step to your marketing campaign.

How do you build rapport with a business prospect?

The same way you would build a friendship with someone you meet at a venue or a chance meeting virtually anywhere if you wish to get to know them better.

So first, you would introduce yourself.

  • Then ask after their health and just put them at their ease
  • Ask how their business is going
  • Ask them what they do, and they will usually ask you what you do

Too busy to follow-up?

No worries, the following automated process can do all of this for you.


Imagine Prospects Wanting to Connect with Your Network 24/7?

Well, it is possible at only a little cost to you.

There is a way to invite 101 targeted prospects to join your Linkedin network…every day.

-And it can be automated…24/7.

-And once you have the process set up, there is little for you to do.

This automated process can send out automated messages to you while you are busy doing something else.

It frees up more time for you while working hard in the background building your client base.

You need fresh prospects every week, or day, to have a thriving business.

So, where do you find a system like this?

This automated system will search and invite your ideal leads to join your LinkedIn network.

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