B2B Prospects through Social Selling

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 Building Your Network of B2B Prospects through Social Selling

 “Networking is an essential part of building wealth”.   -Armstrong Williams

Social Selling is today’s best strategy to connect with virtually unlimited people and companies.

What is Social Selling?

It is networking through social networks such as LinkedIn.

The best and easiest way to build a list of targeted prospects and clients is to use the LinkedIn platform to connect with more people.

Why LinkedIn?

Because LinkedIn now has more than 500 million people and companies listed on their social network.

And bear in mind, the more focused connections you have, the more chance you have of your brand being seen and circulated.

Getting it right

Is there a right way and a wrong way to invite people on LinkedIn?

It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the many right and wrong ways to invite people into your network, but a personalised message or email is a proven successful formula.

The thing is, you will receive more positive replies to your marketing by using a personal note to invite your prospect.

Prospecting and the fear of rejection

The fear of rejection stops many people from being more aggressive in marketing themselves or their business on LinkedIn or anywhere else.

And we all fear to some degree being told “no”.

The truth is, most of us are hesitant to hit the send button in anticipation of rejection.

Inviting people to join your network on LinkedIn or any social platform is an art, but by following a proven formula, your results can be positive.

Getting over your fear of rejection

The more you market yourself and your business, the more rejection you will get.

That is why social selling works so well.

By building rapport with your prospect with a well thought out invitation, your chances of success greatly increase.

Inviting people that know you to join your LinkedIn network

 First, invite all your friends and contacts to join you on LinkedIn.

You will find that most of these will not turn into clients, but they may introduce you to someone who does need your services or recommend you.

Once you have invited all the people you know it then time to reach out…find other businesses that may need your goods or services. Visit https://vamoola.co.uk for more details.

Automating your invitations

These days we are all time poor so having an automated prospecting system in your toolbox is going to pay dividends

Would it not make sense to have a system that consistently sends out invitations to targeted prospects 24/7?

A system that sends out personalized messages and follows up to increase your acceptance rate?

Using an automated program will give you a constant flow of prospects coming into the top of your marketing funnel.


Some of these prospects will eventually filter down and become your clients or customers.

To see an interesting example of one of these systems in action, please click on this linkhttps://b2bprospectingtool.io/demo/






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