B2B Prospecting Made Simple…?

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No time to prospect?

Don’t worry most small businesses are in the same boat.

Larger companies can often afford to hire a full-time marketer thus giving them an advantage over the smaller businesses. Nowadays, also, larger companies provide fast and secure online account verification, using services like Fully-Verified. They care that their customers be satisfied in every way.

These larger companies have a budget to employ door knockers and cold callers to give them a constant flow of prospects.

But all is not lost; there is an affordable system that will prospect for you 24/7.

We will call this system our virtual assistant or Ultimate B2B Prospecting Tool.

The great thing about our virtual assistant is that it will work around the clock without complaining.

  • It is not interested in texting
  • or distracted with emails
  • does not stop for coffee
  • doesn’t need toilet stops
  • it does not waste time talking on the phone
  • and it does not need to sleep.

Our virtual assistant not only prospects for you but will follow-up as well.

There is one catch…you may have to spend up to 30 minutes a day to collect a steady flow of prospects to increase your turnover.

Do you think you could find 30 minutes a day to put your business on steroids?

Is it worth it to you to increase your turnover astronomically without you:

  • Cold calling?
  • Door knocking?
  • Spending many hours each day calling people in the hope of a new prospect?

Our virtual assistant virtually knocks on 75-125 doors every day.

This relates to 15-25% response rate giving you 1-3 warm leads per day.

Our virtual assistant will then follow up with these warm leads thus turning them into qualified leads with some turning into new clients or customers.

If you are not continuously prospecting, you are moving backwards. Start prospecting using the most powerful B2B Platform in the world – LinkedIn-, and we will show you how to get 1-3 leads every day inside 30 minutes a day.
Sign up for The Ultimate B2B Prospecting Tool along with our Systems and Step by Step Training and start adding prospects to your funnel immediately.


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