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Why Would Anyone Want to Join Your LinkedIn Network?

This is a question you need to ask yourself before sending out an invitation.

For one thing, what’s the use of having thousands of connections in your social media profiles if they are not interested in your services or what you do?

Sending out generic invitations is at best a scatter-gun approach, so a little research is needed first.

There are some exceptions where your business may be of interest to almost anyone such as telecommunications, electrical services etc.


Searching for your targeted prospects

For example, in LinkedIn, you would tap on the “search” tab and enter your keywords for companies or people who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Also, the position of the person in that company you wish to target.

Now is the right time to use the “advanced search” tab in LinkedIn to qualify your prospects.

LinkedIn make inviting prospects very easy when you have “Sales Navigator.”

This platform allows more “InMail’s” plus a more thorough search engine.

Once you have your targeted list, you can then start sending out invitations to these people with a personised message.

When you send out a message to prospects to join your LinkedIn network, it is advisable to send out a personised invitation.

This personised invite will get you far more response than when you use the standard LinkedIn invite.


Are you too busy to build a list and send out invitations?

If so you may wish to make a small investment and have this done for you.


The Automated System

If you are like most people, you may find it difficult to find the time to activate the above system.

But there is a way to invite 101 targeted prospects to join your LinkedIn network, every day.

-And it can be automated…24/7.

-And once you have the process set up, there is little for you to do.

This automated process can send out automated messages to you while you are busy doing something else.

It frees up more time for you while working hard in the background building your client base.

You need fresh prospects every week, or day, to have a thriving business.

So, where do you find a system like this?

This automated system will search and invite your ideal leads to join your LinkedIn network.

Furthermore, it will build rapport and educate and engage them about your offering, and drive them to your website, optimised LinkedIn profile, phone, and email using “written for you” customised messaging.




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