Advancing to the New Way of B2B Prospecting…

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Advancing to the New Way of B2B Prospecting

The old way of prospecting; “Who loves cold calling?”
You could’ve heard a pin drop in the room the day I asked a large group of sales people this dreaded question.

Now don’t get me wrong cold calling still works, but not as well as it used too.
People today are just too busy…busier than ever before.
Because there are more distractions than ever before with new systems and ways of doing things.

People struggle to keep up with new technology, and if they don’t, they are left far behind and risk their business failing.
Gone are the days when you dialed a number and could speak directly to the manager. And gone are the days when you could walk off the street into a building and ask to see and talk to the boss.
Even trying to arrange an appointment these days can be difficult. 

  • So, what is the answer?
  • How do you get the attention of the person in charge who you want to speak to?
  • And how do you do this without wasting hours and days in trying to get your message to the desired person?

The new way of prospecting
Today there are better and faster ways to prospect for new leads without the embarrassment of cold calling.
One proven, successful method of prospecting is using a prospecting tool more specifically OUR prospecting tool.
Our prospecting tool is like a virtual assistant…an assistant that always turns up for work and is never sick.

An assistant that doesn’t spend time talking…
…or texting
…or complaining.
This assistant will work 24 hours per day 24/7 prospecting for you!
This prospecting tool frees up time you would normally spend on prospecting and does it far quicker than you could ever achieve and with much better results.

Your virtual assistant will continuously work around the clock, filling your pipeline with targeted prospects, ready for you to turn into hot leads and eventually into paying customers and clients.
But wait there’s more…

You don’t have to pay her a salary or a wage…
Your investment is a reasonable monthly payment for this prospecting tool.
Have a quick peek at this link The Ultimate B2B Prospecting Tool for more information…you won’t be sorry.


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