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If you are not continuously prospecting you are moving backward. Start b2b prospecting using the most powerful B2B Platform in the world and we will show you how to get 1-3 leads every day inside 30 minutes a day.

Sign up for “The Ultimate Best B2B Prospecting Tool” along with our Systems and Step by Step Training and start adding prospects to your funnel immediately!

Our Proprietary “B2B Prospecting Tools” and System works with LinkedIn to Produce B2B Prospecting at a Whole New Level getting my clients and myself 1-3 targeted leads everyday...These are people who have raised their hands….Powerful!

B2B Prospecting Tools

Finds your “Target Market” using search features that can only be found inside of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator like: Titles eg. “CEO” or “CFO” or “CMO” or “Owner” or 1000’s of other titles. Geo Specific, we give you the built-in ability to target as tight as a 10 mile radius around any zip code BUT also the ability to target the entire USA or other countries in one quick search. We also have built-in search features like: Keywords, Industry, Company Size, Function, Seniority Level and more.

We believe if you have the right sales prospecting tools and training you will be unstoppable.

B2B Sales Prospecting

Reaches out to your “Target Market” at a rate of 75-125 X’s a day. Can you imagine knocking on 75-125 virtual doors each and every day, what would that kind of aggressive B2B prospecting do for your business. We are not talking about cold calls, we are not talking about cold knocks, we are using the largest B2B Social Platform to target and engage like never before. We will show you what messages are working and what messages are not. How to be direct but not “spammy”, how to do this in less than 30 minutes each day..for real.

B2B Sales Prospector

Once connected on LinkedIn the “Sales Prospecting Tools” will systemically message your new connections with engaging messages all designed to provoke positive action on the prospects part. This just works…our messages are delivered 100% of the time guaranteed. Connecting with your target is one thing, getting them to engage with you in a positive way is something completely different. Our b2b prospecting strategies helps you get results..period.

Just a Few “B2B Prospector” Benefits

Sales Prospecting Tools

Target Marketing

Target using our Proprietary Sales Prospecting Tool to dial into your Target Market like a Pro. Once you sign up for membership today you get the B2B Sales Prospecting Tool and our systems to get you started inside 60 minutes…See you on the inside.

B2B Prospecting Strategy

Virtually Knock 75-125+ Doors a Day

Knock on 75-125 Virtual Doors Daily inside 30 minutes a day. We not only show you how to use our b2b sales prospector tool but we give you swipe files of messages that are getting a 15-25% + acceptance rate….easy for you.

B2B Prospecting Solution

Message New Connections Daily

Message New Connections Daily, we are seeing 15-25% connecting a day so 15-25 messages will go out introducing yourself and included in that first message will be a soft CTA (call to action) ..this alone will get you qualified leads, but we don’t stop there.

Best B2B Prospecting Tool

Blueprint to Success

We not only give you out proprietary tool but we also give you a blueprint that will show you what to send and how to send it. If your target is on LinkedIn our b2b prospecting solution can show you the messages that are getting good engagement.

Prospecting Tool

Updates and …..

We are constantly moving and actively making this software and our training better and better. As a member you get all updates on software and any updated training automatically. Our b2b prospecting strategy will help you to get results. Join today.


Benefit 3

Integration’s out of the box are: Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce and more coming.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I am a digital marketer that has found Darren’s program to make quick work of LinkedIn Prospecting. Within the first week of using The B2B Prospecting Tool and System I had already gained 5 leads that were part of my target market. It is extremely easy to use and is the best software on the market. I have used other LinkedIn software before and nothing is as easy or quick as The B2B Prospecting Tool."

Phil from Michigan

"I work quite a bit on LinkedIn and have found it to be very profitable. What is great is that people are doing real business on LinkedIn. Also after using the B2B Prospecting Tool and program my leads have improved like I have never seen. I Love It!

The Tool is easy to set up and get up and running right away, prospecting has never been so much fun. I have used other Tools in the past and found that this B2B Tool is easier to use and just works. I highly recommend this program...great stuff."

Eric from Omaha

"The B2B Prospecting tool has done a very difficult thing. It's allowed for mass customization. You're able to use LinkedIn in a way and with a volume you'd never be able to do on your own if you worked full-time do so.

It paid for itself for three years in my first 15 days on the service. If you are solving a true need for your clients, this tool will give you the opportunity to show them."


The Clean Sell

"As a digital marketing and productivity strategist, I'm constantly looking for tools and apps to help my clients accomplish more in less time.

The B2B Prospecting Tool fills the void for a LinkedIn app we have needed for ages. Clients and I can continue working on pressing tasks rather than spending hours manually connecting with LinkedIn leads."

Kim from Ohio

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